Branching out in the direction of mobility equipment was a natural path to take. Repairs and servicing of wheelchairs, as well as walkers and other mobility equipment, is an essential service and because disabilities are sometimes temporary, certain products we sell are also available to hire.

There are no servicing companies in our area of the Deep South in the Cape Peninsula, and we were frequently asked to transport someone with their wheelchair to the closest company an hour away.

While this is part of what we do in the transport category, this can mean almost a whole day away from home, which can have its own set of complications for someone in a wheelchair. It became clear that a closer option would be more convenient, not to mention a cheaper exercise for the client.

With no job too small, a rubber foot on the end of a walking stick can make all the difference to the comfort of someone who is dependent on the stability it provides.

Our regular wheelchair service includes cleaning, lubrication and brake adjustment. Repair or replacement of parts, such as seats and footrests, are cleared with the owner before going ahead.

We have a collection and delivery service, or an item may be dropped off and collected later.

We supply:

  • high-density eggbox cushions
  • backrests
  • armrests
  • posture support cushions
  • transfer boards

As they are not being imported regularly, we now manufacture seats for 16”, 18” and 20” wheelchairs, and can reupholster and revamp most wheelchairs to deliver their best performance.

We have modified and redesigned currently available transfer belts, to provide better comfort and support for patients’ security and care.

We are enthusiastic about our new transfer hammock design, which we expect will enable infirm patients to be transferred from their bed to a wheelchair in a dignified manner.

We enjoy being creative to come up with user-friendly solutions to problematic issues, hopefully, to provide relief to someone and assist in their well-being.